“I have practiced many kinds of meditation and yoga, but this was the most powerful spiritual journey in my life. During my breathwork session with Melissa I was taken to another deeper level of me that I’ve never known before. The core of my body was shaken and it connected me to whole new meanings of everything in my life. During the session, a very special image came to me that I want to remember forever. It was a life changing moment!

Melissa is such a caring, spiritual and very grounded practitioner. I could completely and comfortably surrender during the breathwork. She will heal your soul and set your spirit free.”


Melissa Motzkin

“Wow. My session with Melissa was so powerful. With her guidance I was able to unblock layers and layers of emotional gunk. Melissa is an incredibly nurturing healer. She creates a safe, cozy, judgment free space which allows for major emotional and spiritual shifts. I was astounded. The breath is so simple yet so intense, spiritually and physically. Quite quickly, my mind had no choice but to let go. During the journey, Melissa intuitively knew what I needed— whether that was an emotional release, a grounding stone, or Reiki energy work. I can honestly say that I have never felt so connected to pure spirit in my entire life. The next day, I was flooded with grief. However, Melissa reminded me that shining a light on our shadow is the only way to loosen its grip. This work is truly an express route to healing.”


Melissa Motzkin

“I am not always comfortable letting go and I felt nervous and resistant as my remote breathwork session approached. Melissa and I discussed these feelings and her calm and caring demeanor put me at ease and I felt complete trust in her ability to safely guide me through this unknown experience. The active breathing pattern was not as difficult to maintain as I had imagined and after a few minutes I was able to melt into it. I did experience some intense physical sensations and went through waves of various emotions. Melissa’s guiding words through these challenging moments helped me listen to the messages I was receiving through my body and mind. When the breathing was over and after a moment of rest, I felt extremely calm, at peace, and with a heightened sense of clarity. For me, Breathwork with Melissa was an unexpected and powerful experience that felt like hitting the reset button. It encouraged me to continue peeling the layers, truly listen to my inner voice, and redefine my intentions.”


Melissa Motzkin

“Melissa has a gift. She facilitates this deeply personal breathwork process with love, presence and professionalism. She shows up with a comforting and loving presence. She guides and supports you through the breath work in a simple and attentive fashion. She grounds you energetically by holding the space while you process, release and shift. And she incorporates essential oils, music and Reiki to support the healing process. Breathwork is an incredibly powerful tool to move stuck energy and open up channels for growth, and Melissa has the intuitive and healing presence to be that conduit for you to let go and release what is no longer serving you. Taking a session with Melissa is more than a nurturing gift to yourself, it is an experience that opens a door into yourself that you might have never let yourself see. A session with her will leave you feeling nourished, lighter, open and renewed.”


Melissa Motzkin

“Melissa is a true healer. My breathwork session with her brought me to the depths of my emotions, and finally allowed me to feel old buried traumas. What I found was that these difficult emotions and memories just wanted to be seen, felt, and acknowledged by me in order to move through me.

Breathwork can be intense, and Melissa made me feel so comfortable and safe during the entire experience. She encouraged me to keep going when I needed support, but also let me take a break from structured breathing every once in a while to cry and wiggle around - she was extremely in-tune with my experience and allowed it to morph and evolve in the way that it needed to.

I signed up for a breathwork/reiki combo, and Melissa's healing touch after breathwork was exactly what I needed to let lingering emotions move around and out. She flooded my body with loving, divine spiritual energy at a time when I was extremely raw and receptive, which allowed me to both integrate insights and let go of stuck emotions.

Afterwards, I felt like I was floating in a cloud, and Mellisa, allowed me to linger for a while and bask in these feelings of euphoria. Writing this now, I am so grateful to be able to say that I feel a newfound sense of freedom with me, a clearer understanding of myself and my story, and a deeper connection to others the world around me because of it.”


Melissa Motzkin

“I came to breathwork with Melissa without any concrete intentions, but with curiosity, an open heart and mind, and a feeling that my coping mechanisms for anxiety and stress were not entirely working for me. I felt completely seen and heard by Melissa, from the moment I walked into the room.

The pre-breathwork check-in felt like talking to an old friend, and she explained what I might experience physically, and emotionally, which made the experience less overwhelming and unexpected. It's hard to describe the sensations you feel when doing this breathwork, but I found it to be both an in and out of body-like experience, and a deep emotional release. I couldn't tell if I had been doing the breathwork for 2 minutes or two hours, and I felt extremely calm, relaxed, elated, and also proud of myself afterwards. It's hard work, and it feels deeply rewarding when you're done, like having finished a marathon, or a performance.

For me, Melissa's deeply personal follow-up and suggestions before, during and after our session is a large part of what made my experience feel so special, and so tailored to me, and my specific issues. She is such a calming, engaged, smart, intuitive breathwork healer and I highly recommend her.”


Melissa Motzkin

“I was completely in awe of my experience in Melissa Motzkin's breathwork circle. It was sold out, we were mat to mat, making it super cozy. Melissa holds space in a confident, guiding way, allowing class participants to go deep with the amazing assurance that we are free to express and we are safe. I loved her playlist, the way she leads the group, and the added Reiki was such a gorgeous gift. I highly recommend Melissa's breathwork circles and will be back!”


Melissa Motzkin

“Melissa was very good at guiding me through my first Breathwork session. She prepared me by letting me know about the breathing techniques and how long each part of the session would last. She also informed me what thoughts and sensations to expect. Melissa was calm and reassuring. My experience involved a vivid reflection on a very positive event in my life. I am grateful to Melissa for that. She was very good at creating the right environment and dialogue for me to enjoy this experience.” 


Melissa Motzkin

“I went in not knowing what to expect. Before we began Melissa talked me through all parts of the breathwork and put me at ease.

During the session I had one of the most intense experiences of my life and could feel energy vibrating throughout my entire body, additionally I felt completely unable to move. Normally this kind of sensation would put me in a panic, but before we started Melissa told me that all sorts of things might happen in my body and to continue to breathe through it.

Immediately afterward it felt nice to calm down and have my body come back to normal sensations. As the day wore on I felt incredibly focused and light. My dreams that night were very vivid and I remembered more of them than usual, as if a channel had opened between my subconscious and conscious mind.

As I move through new and challenging parts of life I will continue to do breathwork and have additional sessions with Melissa as a safe guide through them!”


Melissa Motzkin