Breathwork & Reiki Healing


I have a strong memory of my mother teaching me as a child to concentrate on my breath in times of discomfort. “Breathe in the good and out the bad,” she would tell little me, and I did. Always drawn to the magical spirit of the universe, I grew up to explore numerous meditation and healing modalities, not always realizing in the moment that I was honing my breath as a tool for use in making it possible for me to sit in my own body through discomfort.



Becoming a parent myself put this tool to use in new ways and when I was serendipitously introduced to breathwork, it is not surprising that it truly made my heart sing. This work has proven to me to be a fast-acting self-healer that works behind the scenes, pushing me and my undulating breath closer to reaching my goals and discovering my highest self. By setting intentions and practicing regularly, I’ve unconsciously peeled back emotional layers, uncovering a newfound comfort in myself and connection to a deeper and deeper sense of self-love that was previously undiscovered—which now sustains and grounds me in times of discomfort as well as ease.



My own personal journey led me to want to share what I’ve experienced with others and so I became trained and certified as a breathwork healer in David Elliott’s breathwork method, as well as a practitioner of Reiki 1 & 2. Breathwork is not brain-centered, logical or linear; it is intuitive, it is real and it can work fast if you are willing to let go of your mind, drop completely into your body and let your breath do the work. The combination of breathwork and Reiki allows for an unparalleled heart-opening, healing experience.



Now, I don’t believe that what we are releasing is necessarily “bad,” I strive to practice equanimity when it comes to the inhalations, exhalations and feelings in general, but it is just that—a practice. I believe that we need to feel and experience both the desirable and undesirable in order to grow and breathwork facilitates this better than any other technique I’ve found.  


Training & Certification



2018 + 2019 • NYC + LA
Erin Telford + David Elliott
Level 1-4 Certification

Reiki 1 + 2

2017 + 2018 • NYC
Usui Shiki Ryoho
Lyndsey Harrington + Lisa Levine 


2018 • NYC
Lisa Levine