Breathwork & Reiki Healing


I hold space for individual + group breathwork sessions, and infuse gentle Reiki energy into the rest period for deep transformative healing.


1:1 Sessions

$125 / 85-min

$275 / 3-Session Package

One-on-one breathwork sessions are private, 85-minute treatments, custom-tailored to each individual. An initial personal inventory and discussion helps set the stage for the focus of our work together. I will intuitively guide you through the active breathing as you lean into your physical experience and trust your body. Essential oils and other tools including palo santo, sage and crystals are used to help ground, release and clear.

We finish with a restorative rest period combined with Reiki, allowing for a deeper experience that infuses the transformative healing of our session into your body. You will leave feeling lighter, clearer and more receptive to intuitive messages.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor prior to scheduling, and see Questions? below for more info.

  • Sessions are either in-person (Portland, ME) or virtual (via Zoom).

  • Sliding scale rates are available, please see Questions? below.

  • To purchase a gift certificate, contact me!


Groups + Circles

Breathwork groups and intimate circles are a wonderful way to connect and be in community with this deeply transformative healing work. We open our circle with a brief check-in and discussion on a specific topic that sets the tone for the session. The group breathes together as I lead the active breath. I guide the group as a whole, and am always nearby for any concerns or needs that arise. Essential oils and other tools including palo santo, sage and crystals are used to help ground, release and clear energy.

A deeply restorative rest period bathed in Reiki energy wraps up the session and we hold hands to reconnect and close the circle. You will leave feeling the love, interconnectedness and light of healing in a group setting.

Upcoming Groups

JUL 28

5:30-7:30PM • $33
ARCANA • Portland, me




What is breathwork?

Breathwork is a self-healing practice involving a guided meditation with an active 2-part Pranayama breath that allows us to move and clear stuck energy and stored or bubbling emotions, enabling us to tap into the core of our being, bringing us closer to our spirit, true self and connecting us to the universe. By bringing our breath intentionally into the belly and heart and inviting in more oxygen, we can stir up stuck and blocked energy while bypassing our everyday thinking brain, and then let it go for a clearing release. This is not a restful, relaxing or still practice, this work is moving and dynamic and can take us on a wild journey into forgotten bits of ourselves, opening us up to greater clarity, release and peace of mind.




Reiki is a hands-on (and sometimes hands-off) Japanese healing technique that directly translates to “universal life force energy” used to help facilitate acute as well as general physical and emotional healing. This work is gentle and relaxing, involving the channeling of energy through static hand placements and the hovering of the hands, to help activate the natural healing process. The combination of Reiki used during the rest period following a breathwork session allows for an unparalleled, heart-opening healing experience.




An initial personal inventory (or group check-in) helps set the stage for the focus of our work together, so please bring any intentions to our session. I will teach you the 2-part Pranayama breath, and then you will lay down, close your eyes and begin to breathe to a soundtrack. Leading you through the active breathing, I will encourage you to quiet your mind and drop completely into your body while breathing into the energy centers of your belly and heart. Essential oils and other natural tools including palo santo, sage and crystals are used to help ground, release and clear energy.

I hold safe, accepting, non-judgmental space during all of my sessions and will intuitively guide you as you lean into any emotions, physical sensations or discomfort that arise on your journey, allowing your body to communicate from your innermost core. Our session will include work with release in the form of yells, laughter, visualization and/or mantras. This is not a restful, relaxing or still practice, this work is designed to move and release energy from our bodies. It is safe and normal to experience tingling, tightness, discomfort and other forms of physical release during the session.

When it is time, we return to normal breathing and take a deep restorative rest period. During the rest, it is important to remain laying down with eyes closed to allow your body to fully unwind in order to receive all of the messages that are coming through and reap the full rewards of the work you did in the session.




Breathwork & Reiki are for everyone! You needn’t believe any specific beliefs or have any background in these modalities, I will teach you everything you need to know during the session. If you are pregnant, have had a brain injury, are epileptic, are on antipsychotic medication or have any other concerns, please consult your doctor before booking a session.

This work my be for you if:

you feel stuck or unhappy
you want to cultivate self-love
you feel drawn, but aren’t sure why
you are working on something specific
you are in search of your inner child
you feel like you could benefit from a release
you want to get more in touch with your emotions
you feel disconnected or ungrounded and you want a shift
you want to let go of anxiety, depression, grief, stress or anger




In an effort to make guided healing more accessible, I have several sliding scale sessions available per month. Please contact me to find out more or to book a sliding scale session. If you are booking a sliding scale session, I trust you to take into consideration your financial position while choosing an amount that feels right to you, between $60-$125.

I also offer healing groups to make this work more financially accessible, so please consider joining a group if 1:1 sessions feel out of reach at the moment. If you would like to join a group and cannot afford the cost, please contact me. Likewise, if you are able and would like to support someone else’s healing, please contact me to make a contribution that will aid in furthering my sliding scale model.



Healer? Guide? what do you actually do?

I am trained as a breathwork healer but I truly believe that we are all our own healers, and breathwork is a self-healing tool that can be done alone. So I consider myself a healing guide. I work with individuals who are moving through something specific, feel drawn to release energy, clear blockages or grow and guide them through their process. I hold safe, non-judgmental, unconditional space and use natural tools to encourage release and move energy.

You can read what people have said about their experience working with me over here.



What is your training + certification?

I have trained in David Elliott’s breathwork technique and under the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki. My credentials are listed below:


Breathwork Training 

2018 • NYC + LA
Erin Telford + David Elliott

Reiki 1 + 2 Certification 

2017 + 2018 • NYC
Usui Shiki Ryoho
Lyndsey Harrington + Lisa Levine 

Reiki Mentorship 

2018 • NYC
Lisa Levine